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 Exercize Life after Death has been updated!

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Demeer Blackthorne
Demeer Blackthorne

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Exercize Life after Death has been updated! Empty
PostSubject: Exercize Life after Death has been updated!   Exercize Life after Death has been updated! I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 15, 2013 2:31 pm

The exercise titled "Life after Death" has been updated, it now requires an extra step in the process which I find necessary but also adds to the experience of the exercise itself, it reads as follows...

"Life After Death

Different religions have a plethora of beliefs concerning whether there is in fact life after death, what

are you're beliefs concerning life after death? Do you believe it exists, if so in what form? What

about immortality? Do you believe it is possible to achieve, if so how? There are at the present time

a belief that cryogenics holds the key, while others believe that our cells possess the key to at least

extending human life if not preserving it. If it ever becomes physically possible, should it even be pursued?

This exercise is the first which will require a bit of time away from the internet. While contemplating

the above, find a cemetery or morgue, a quiet place where the dead lie to contemplate these questions

further. Take a picture if at all possible and post it with your essay as this will add to the experience for other students as they

read through your essay, and compose your thoughts into an essay of at least five hundred words or

more. As always check for spelling and punctuation before posting, and be sure to include all sources

and links used in your studies."

Two more exercises will be added to "Getting to Know you" thread for Prospectus they should be finished and posted by tomorrow night. All further updates (if any) will be posted...
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Exercize Life after Death has been updated!
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