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 Ordeals and Grades...

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Ordeals and Grades... Empty
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Ordeals & Grades
Sep 5th, 2013 Black moon...
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Ordeals & Grades.

Within the House of the Black Rose are five initial grades, or Ordeals. Each one centers around a prescribed course of study. All new members unless stated otherwise begin void of rank, and are known as the Prospecti. Further grades ascend in numerical order, they are Fledgling, Upir, Strigoi, and Moroi. There is a fifth grade but will only revealed to those rare individuals who successfully advance to the Moroi.

The Prospecti are members who have yet to give the Pledge of Dedication. The are viewed within the House as Ronin. There is very little training involved, the time spent as a Prospecti is more geared towards the student getting familiar with the House and other students. Once they complete the application process and the exercises "Getting to know you" and "Personal Tools" if they so wish to continue their membership and pursue their training they then are offered the chance to make the Pledge of Dedication after successful completion of  The Prospectus Questionnaire.

This Questionnaire is essentially an interview for full membership within the House of the Black Rose. Upon graduation of the prospectus grade, members are given a choice to either apply for full membership within the House, or continue as Ronin taking the courses offered within the Academy without taking the Pledge of Dedication. Ronin may continue to ascend the grades upon completion of each course. The farthest grade Ronin may ascend to is the Upir ordeal. Members who do wish to take the Rite of Dedication to the House may also apply for a one on apprenticeship. Details on this are provided below and will continually be updated over time.

The next grade is that of Fledgling . Their training covers the teachings centered around an Introductory primer on both the Daysyde and Nightsyde philosophies. It is within the Fledgling and Upir grades where students are able to explore and test the elementary outer teachings of the House the Black Rose.

The Upir have achieved a firm grasp of the Elementary teachings of the Daysyde and Nightsyde philosophies and have a started to put to practice the techniques and rituals that are relevant to the Nightsyde concerning what we call the "Predatory philosophy." To be formally recognized as an Upir, the fledgling will go through a test by their household Adra for them to prove that they have grasped the teachings revealed within the Fledgling ordeal.

The Strigoi ordeals make up the first circle of the inner teachings within the House of the Black Rose. The Strigoi begin to develop through rigorous training an awareness of their Xepher and their Dragon within by studying the true nature of reality. These individuals have begun to study the deeper mysteries of what is known as the Twilight, are able to choose a road to further their study and begin develop the skills in order to perform Communion with Those Beyond the Veil.

The Moroi have achieved a strong awareness of their Xepher and their Dragon within. They have successfully achieved Twilight, they are teachers and mentors within the House, and are Priests, Knights or Counsellors within the Order of the Black Rose. Moroi have successfully performed Communion with Those Beyond the Veil, and have begun to further their development and evolutionary process by studying and practicing the Vampyric art of Astral projection.

In addition to the already established Ordeals in place, a new Apprentice program has been put into effect and offers one on one mentorship with the would be student along side additional resourses not made available to the previous grades of "Member" and "Ronin." We ask all Prospecti to graduate first and take the Rite of Dedication towards the House before applying for apprenticeship. More details will be forthcoming, all requests for apprenticeship may be sent to
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Ordeals and Grades...
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